Eve Taylor® Prescriptive Facials


"The best foundation you can wear is healthy, glowing skin"

Why should I choose Eve Taylor Products? 


We choose Eve Taylor products for their wealth of knowledge; absolutely no animal testing in the last 50 years and using natures goodness to create active ingredients that work beyond cosmetic visuals, stimulating even the deepest cells ensuring only the best results. The formulation of these products balances the pH balance on the skin.


Eve Taylor Products are free from Parabens, artificial colours and fragrances and irritant that have been linked to senitising the skin such as Petrochemicals, Formaldehyde, Phthalates and alcohols along with other chemicals known to block pores. 


Which Facial should I choose? 


30 Minute Prescriptive Eve Taylor® Facial - £28

A tailored facial to help you boost your skins natural glow whether this is achieved by increasing hydration, clearing congestion or improving fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is perfect for gaining advice on how to best move forward with your skincare and reach your skin goals.


45 Minutes Eve Taylor® Essential Facial - £38

This prescriptive facial is tailored to suit your skins needs to condition, reinvigorate, rejuvenate and boost your skins complexion, hydration levels and nourishment. Aromatherapy products are chosen to cleanse to the deepest level, exfoliate gently yet effectively all in preparation to absorb the aromatic oils and luxury masques. Your skin will thank you for it!  


60 Minutes Eve Taylor® Intensive Facial - £53

Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliants to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using potent aromatic essential oil blends, powerful targeted serums and speciality masques customized to achieve intensive results, this treatment will leave your skin glowing.


45 Minutes Modern Man! Facial Skin Treatment - £38

This deeply cleansing, stubble soothing skin treatment targets the main concerns of modern day skin. Professional grade products clear the skin of impurities, ease ingrown hairs and soothe shaving irritation. Powerful hydrators saturate the skin plumping fine lines, leaving the skin feeling happy fresh and fit.


A deposit is required upon booking, for more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions. 


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