Performs like Gel, Applies like Polish.


"What happens at The Nail Salon, Stays at The Nail Salon" 

Why Gelish?

Join the nail revolution with Gelish, the First 'in bottle' Gel & Polish hybrid. 


Gelish can provide up to 3 weeks worth of chip-free wear. There's no drying time no smudges, is super shiny and it soaks off in 10 minutes with no damage to the natural nail! Gelish doesn't look thick on the natural nail, maintains its high-shine gloss and doesn't scratch during wear!


High shine not your Style? 

At Preened and Polished we have the ability to turn every one of our Gelish colours into a funky Matte effect! 












Gelish Overlay Hands - High Gloss or Matte


Gelish Overlay Toes - High Gloss or Matte


Gel Hands or Toes Removal * Reapplication 


Wet Pedicure with Gel Polish Overlay


Twinkle Toes


Express Gel Hands or Toes (No cuticle work included) One Colour Only



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