"Your beauty does not define you. You define your beauty."

What do you want?

Like any beauty salon, there is a vast choice of treatments to choose from. Confused? Lets start at the beginning! 


When your body is tired, and your mind needs a rest, there are many sypmtoms that can occur such as Aching Muscles; burning, tightness, tiredness and lack of concentration. This is your body screaming for a Massage! There are many types of Massage, but at Preened and Polished, we focus on the ones that work for an ultimate de-stress, Swedish & Indian Head Massage


Fabulous Skin?

We all want photo ready skin. There are so many brands that all claim to give you flawless and fabulous skin but sometimes, less is more! At Preened and Polished, we believe the old saying Less actually is More! Our official Brand; Kaeso, is innocence in bottles, less chemicals & more nourishment. Their philosophy is to give your skin what it truly needs with Prescriptive, tailored facials


Wolverine.. We gotcha covered

Don't worry guys, we have just the page for you too. Check out the Intimate Waxing & General WaxingGeneral Waxing Pages. 

A Pick-Me-Up?

There are certain things in life that make us girls happy; Shoes, Bags, Clothes and Pretty Nails! Unfortunately, we don't have a secret shop of Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutin's but we do have a Fabulous Range of Gelish Gel Polish Colours that are guaranteed to make any lady with them smile & any lady without them, Green with Envy! Be the smiler! Go on... We dare you! 


Winter suffered tootsies?

Uggs are amazing in winter! We won't lie ladies, we do it too... We have to stay warm! But our poor, neglected feet need some TLC! Not to Fear!! At Preened and Polished we have mixed Style (we literally have BEAUTIFUL Pedicure Stations), Relaxation (Not just Beautiful but Comfortable) and amazing products for the ULTIMATE Pedicure Experience! Don't believe us? Come see for yourself! 



Winter strikes again!! Put down the razors ladies!! Get some Wax in your life! We have every area covered... Literally! From Facal to Intimate. Say goodbye to stretching like a Yoga Master to get all those intricate areas shaven and say hello to showering in the upright position! 


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