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"Stressed? There's an app you can get for that? It's called 'Get a Massage' ".

Massage Therapy Services 


30 Minute Swedish 

- Including our Signature Welcoming Ritual 


55 Minute Swedish

- Including our Signature Welcoming Ritual


30 Minute Indian Head

- Including our Signature Welcoming Ritual



Need more of a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage?


At Preened and Polished our massage therapists' also suffer with aches and pains and find a more Specific and Deep massage is what we need.


Introducing Total Sports Rehab, our friendly neighbours who offer THE best Injury Specific and Rehabilitation services. They are located at the same premises as our Salon so, if the location was ideal but the massage treatment may be too gentle, we have you covered! 

Before you have your massage...

Think about why you are having this treatment and during your consultation tell your therapist. Your treatment can be tailored to make it a more beneficial massage if we know why it is you are having it!


Awareness of any medical conditions or allergies is vital information to your therapist. Upon booking please make us aware of any medical conditions and if necessary, please provide us with a medical note from your doctor that we may carry out your massage. We are within our rights to refuse trreatment should any medical conditions contra-indicate the treatment.              

           Your health is our priority!  


Don't consume alcohol before your massage. This can make you feel ill and lead to contra-actions such as vomiting, dizziness and headaches.


Arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill in your consultation form.


After your massage...

Do Not consume any alcohol or smoke. These toxins may leave you feeling lethargic or dizzy. Water must be consumed afterwards. 


Avoid eating large/ heavy meals after your massage and try to also avoid spicy foods. 


Avoid any physical activity such as exercise as your body will be recovering from your treatment and the stimulation to your bodily functions will require rest. 


Leave the oils on your body for an added hydrating skin treatment. 

Found the treatment you're looking for? Get booked in by calling us on 0161 832 3411

A deposit is required upon booking, for more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions. 

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