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Are you rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one? Stop! Breathe, take a minute. 


You could go for the usual High Street Voucher where they will ponder over the idea of maybe buying that top they wanted two seasons ago, only to find they are now in the jumble sale that is a nightmare all in itself.. Seems stressful, right? 


Or... didn't they say a few weeks back they needed some new salad bowls or a new mug for work? 


Don't do it. 


Treat your loved one to some much needed TLC. Let the only choice be whether to have an Aromatherapy based Facial with a prescriptive blended oil, tailored to what they need right now.. Or, maybe whether they need an Indian Head Massage to push them to the point of absolute relaxation. We think, reading this, we have you questioning whether or not YOU need someone to buy you some TLC. 

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